HP 1U Servers

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1U HP ProLiant Server - Refurbished

These standard HP 1U rack servers are ideal for corporate data centers and other computing and memory intensive applications. We have a great variety of new & refurbished HP servers available online at discounted prices. At Deep Discount Servers we carry a wide selection of customizable HP ProLiant DL160 and SE316M1 4 port and 8 port servers. The HP ProLiant DL160 G6 server is a high performance, low cost, ultra-dense, dual processor capable, 1U rack server for memory intense High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, Web 2.0, hosting, and general large memory footprint server deployments. Specifically made for data centers these HP SE316M1 LFF 4 port and SFF 8 port servers share many of their characteristics with the better known HP DL160 G6, being of the same generation there is plenty this cheaper alternative to the main line server series has to offer, such as lower power consumption.

Most of our HP servers come with a standard 60 day warranty and you can upgrade to a 1 year extended basic warranty. Also, shop options for cloud enterprise rack mount servers at Deep Discount Servers. Check out the details on each HP 1U rack server under the specifications tab on the product page, customize, and buy! At Deep Discount Servers it is that easy to find and purchase the right HP ProLiant server for all your business needs.

We offer a both SSD and HDD storage options using both small and large form factors to optimize your server to suit the demands of your applications. Additionally our servers feature ECC RAM for data integrity along with many raid card options.