Solid State Drives

High Performance Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid state drives (SSDs) are considered a positive alternative to installed hard drives, due to their durable and reliable technology. Similar to a memory stick there are no moving parts in a SSD; the information is stored on microchips. The process in which the SSD retrieves information is much faster. Solid state drives require less power and allow you faster access to saved data, which also make them the best option for laptops. SSDs are available in various storage capacities as well (60GB, 180GB, 240GB, 400GB, 480GB), making it easy to guarantee the drive you choose has enough space to handle your work server and data center needs. Choose from any of our OCZ Deneva Enterprise SATA solid state drives, depending on your individual business needs.

Most of our SSDs come with a 12 month warranty. Also, shop your options for additional memory or storage at Deep Discount Servers. You can check out the details of each OCZ solid state drive under the Specifications tab on the product page! At Deep Discount Servers, it’s that easy to find and purchase the right solid state drive for all your work and data center needs.