SATA Interface Solid State Drives - High Speed SSD's

Our SATA solid state drives offer the fastest solution in their class with the no moving parts to provide outstanding performance for enterprise blade servers and system storage. Whether you’re an individual or business, SATA solid state drives (SSDs) are high-speed storage solutions that improve performance when needing to process large amounts of data quickly. Choose from our selection of OCZ Deneva solid state drives, which feature SATA II and SATA III interfaces and offer up to 480GB of storage.

We carry a number of OCZ models, including the Deneva C, 2 C and 2 R series. Most of our SATA SSDs come with a 12 month warranty. Also, shop your options for additional memory or storage at Deep Discount Servers. You can check out the details of each OCZ SATA drive under the Specifications tab on the product page! At Deep Discount Servers, it’s that easy to find and purchase the right SATA drive for all your work server, corporate data center, or personal data processing needs.